Being a Female Car Enthusiast

Being an automotive enthusiast should never be about judgment or pleasing others. Rather, real automotive enthusiasm is far more about creating something you, yourself love and allowing your passion to flow.

In an industry that is so commonly perceived to be masculine, or only for men, us female enthusiasts have had to keep a strong head on our shoulders and prove the world wrong; we too can do anything we put our minds too.

Like anyone else, having a connection to our vehicles and the thrill of driving is something that fuels us. The confidence to build something, fix it, learn how it works, and make it our own is inspiring all in itself.

Being a part of a community that has taken some frustrating and shocking turns for the worse has made it easy for female enthusiasts to feel as if they have to shy away or are unwelcome in an environment that should feel inviting and safe.

My advice is to keep doing what makes your heart warm, educate yourself, ask questions, and do not be afraid to step out of the norm.

Drive, hit the track, keep your head up, keep a thick skin, turn the wrenches others won't, and be an inspiration to fellow enthusiasts who need it most! 

-Crew Chief

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