Euro Tuning with JDM Flavour

"Style" can be interpreted in many different ways. In Euro car culture, simplicity and tidiness are critical factors in a quality project. Emphasis on neat engine bays and a set of quality wheels that exude class is preferred rather than the raw racer style we're accustomed to in Japanese car culture.

But what if we mixed the two?

A shop in Osaka, Japan ran by a fellow named Hideo, has been doing just that. EuroMagic - Voomeran has been working solely on Volkswagen and Audi products since they've been in business. Typically their styling is simple (closer to Euro car culture) with a pinch of Japanese flair.

One of their latest projects to launch the Voomeran division goes beyond that and has become one of the wildest creations in their product line.

This "MK2" Golf is a platform that was new to EuroMagic as they happen to focus more on late model products. However, the hatchback had a previous life as a racer in the Golf GTI one-make race series known as the "Golf Cup."

Under the lightweight hood is a 1.8 litre "EA827" SOHC inline-four producing 110hp and 111lb/ft of torque with the power being put through a 5-speed transaxle. The little Golf couldn't be all stock under the hood, so Hideo installed a high-lift camshaft along with Voomeran's own straight-through stainless exhaust system to give the hatchback more energy.

The transaxle received modifications in the form of an LSD (limited-slip differential) and a new final drive ensures a bit more liveliness. These tiny hatchbacks used their little footprint to a powerful advantage. Being lightweight and nimble was the key to its success as a racer.

Voomeran emphasized this and kept the insides stripped clean, adding an Okuyama multi-point roll cage and a Bride fixed back bucket seat to prioritize driver safety. Voomeran's brand of coilovers takes care of suspension duties and is set up for maximum low, along with a front strut tower bar to stiffen things up.

The exterior is wild compared to most other "MK2" Golf's with a few prominent features. The economy car looks have been traded in for some much-needed aggression, increasing width on each corner and the distinct lack of bumpers. Each corner has been widened by 35mm, and under the works-style overfenders is a set of 15" Work Glow Star wheels wrapped in Toyo Proxes tires, keeping the Japanese raw style in check. Further elements such as a "bucktooth" front spoiler and a tall hatch spoiler compliment the Kyusha "Works" style.

Unfortunately, we learned recently that the little Golf might no longer be with us, succumbing to a t-bone accident impacting the passenger side. Nevertheless, we loved this wild hot hatch, and we hope Hideo resurrects another to continue this fusion of Euro and JDM styles.

-Team 604

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