Double-barreled Submachine FR-S

Wild colours and super low down style define 326 Power now, but how did it all start?

It begins with a man named Mitsuru Haruguchi, those of you into drifting may remember hearing that name and seeing a bright yellow FC RX-7 that oozed style. Haruguchi started drifting with his friends up in the hills near his hometown of Hiroshima as the sport was still in its infancy during the 1990s.

His FC could be recognized instantly, blending Lux and Shakotan styles with grassroots drifting. The RX-7 possessed everything that makes drift cars cool today, low ride height, wide bodywork, deep-dish wheels, and stretched tires. Haruguchi is also on a priviledged list of drivers who have won a D1 championship on both sides of the Pacific.

When Mitsuru decided to hang up the helmet for good, he thought it would be a great idea to bring his style to the masses. Initially, all of this catered towards the bippu/VIP crown, but Haruguchi couldn't forget his roots.

326 Power has now been in business for at least ten years and still is a small operation with friends. The shop specializes in coilovers, suspension parts such as knuckles and adjustable arms, wheels, aero kits, and accessories like those spiked lug nuts that everyone seems to have these days. That's right, 326 were the first to make those and coated in a bunch of crazy colours!

For Mr. 326, sometimes wide just wasn't wide enough. Using the Toyota 86 as a base, Haruguchi designed and produced what he calls the Gachabari Wide kit.

The new overfenders add 150mm (6in) to the front on either side and 200mm (8in) to either side in the rear, making the GT86 eighty six inches wide in the back (quite the play on numbers).

Our fellow teammate Sean had heard rumours of the prototype that debuted at Tokyo Auto Salon this past January and decided his FR-S would become as wide as a Ford SVT Raptor. Sean's volcanic coloured coupe is now the first in North America to be given the extra-wide hip treatment and though it may not be for everyone, he was determined to make it happen. The new overexaggerated body lines were likened to a Gundam by Sean, more specifically Kyrios from Mobile Suit Gundam 00. He intends to further carry on the Gundam theme on his coupe to complete its transformation. Under the new curves sit a set of SSR Varden Sport Schwarz, custom built to 12 (front) and 13 (rear) inches wide and wrapped in 285 wide Zestinos tires.

Sean's FR-S now possesses the same vibes that Mitsuru's FC3S did all those years ago. He mentions that the car isn't anywhere complete yet and suggests to keep your eyes peeled for what's in the future for "Kyrios". It all certainly draws eyes in with the new lines and vents, exactly what Mitsuru had intended all along.

-Team 604

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