Is the name Bond?

Aston Martin has a very long standing history in the form of both mystique and elegance. Having had their vehicles become synonymous with secret agents and spy genres over the years Aston Martin is a well recognized brand.

But what does that tell us about the buyers? Is every customer of Aston Martin after the classy suit and tie lifestyle? Owned by a local to Vancouver resident this car was purchased as her retirement present to herself! After years of hard work and being no stranger to big, powerful, grand touring type vehicles, this new Aston was the perfect fit for her. Custom ordered in a triple black combination this Aston, as well as most, is packed with tons of unique features right down to the way the stitching in her seats was done.

Now lets give you a little back story on this car.

Aston Martin has built beautiful coupes since David Brown purchased the company from the original founders in 1947. This is why each of generation of the flagship coupe is called the DB. The new DB11 is no exception to Astons long standing position on beauty, power and soul and is the successful fruit of a new partnership with Daimler Benz.

Unfortunately plagued by financial issues and ownership changes, Aston implemented a "Second Century" plan of action in 2015 to improve its leadership and financial situation. Daimler has purchased a 5% share of Aston Martin and has provided them with powertrain, electrical, and infotainment components. With this support Aston has further plans to broaden their production range with 7 core models including this new DB coupe - The DB11.

Despite the numerical in its name, the DB11 is the tenth generation of Mr. Brown's famous grand touring coupes and is incredibly distinctive. Carrying the iconic grille design, swept headlights, and sleek body lines following the two thirds rules.

Subtle updates to note are the more muscular front fenders and the new thin flowing tail lights in the rear. The large exhaust outlets amplify the bark from each engine option. This GT coupe also employs active aero in the form of a rear spoiler that raises out of the boot lid and "Aeroblade" front diffuser embedded in the bumper.

This Aston uses new methods to fashion its svelte aluminum body formed from heated extrusions and bonded by rivets and special adhesives. This new chassis has been designed to underpin other future Astons including the more compact Vantage. With the new process of production, the larger sized coupe lightens the load on the scales at 1760kg (3880lbs) which is almost 120kg lighter than its V12 powered sibling and improving its weight distribution to 49/51 front and rear respectively.

Under the large clam-shell hood, which generally takes two people to open and close properly, sits a Mercedes-AMG M177 4.0 liter all-aluminum V8 with twin turbochargers nestled between both cylinder heads. The new to Aston V8 produces 503hp and 498lb/ft of torque. Putting the power to the ground is a ZF produced 8-speed automatic transaxle mounted towards the rear of the vehicle to improve weight bias. Connecting the two is an alloy torque tube with carbon fiber driveshaft. While not the typical V12 engine Aston is famous for it is very capable.

A limited-slip differential with active torque management and vectoring is equipped and supplies all that V8 twin turbo power to the rear wheels. The DB11 is capable 0-100km/hr (62mph) in 4.2 seconds, bolts through the quarter mile in 12.6 seconds and onto a top speed of 301km/hr (187mph).

Underneath the new chassis the coupe rides on conventional springs with adaptive dampers on all four corners with multiple stiffness levels controlled by the driver. Speed sensitive power steering is employed to keep this beast limber in tight corners. Multi piston calipers are joined with 400mm/360mm diameter two-piece rotors to ensure the Aston can shave off speed just as quickly as it can put it on. 20 inch aluminum wheels wrapped in Bridgestone rubber keep this elegant machine on the pavement.

Now as mentioned before the owner is no stranger to GT cars. She used to frequently drive around her beloved Corvette and was well recognized by the locals. While no secret agent, that we know of that is, she is a wonderful person with a great enthusiasm into automobiles. If you see her or her Aston around feel free to stop and say hi, she would love to chat and tell you all about how and why she picked this one off Aston Martin DB11.

Beautiful isn't it?

-Team 604

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