No Ordinary Prelude

Updated: May 23

Many of us have a similar story when it comes to cars as an enthusiast. Meet Rob, a good friend of ours and his 2000 Honda Prelude. Rob is just like any of us, driven by passion and inspired by Japanese culture. A good friend of his dad's ran an automotive shop back in his hometown in Ontario, and he would spend plenty of weekends there as a kid watching the mechanics work, figuring things out as they went along.

Rob has many fond memories of working on some of his uncle's more great projects he was involved in, and it all left an impression on Rob. Fast forward to the modern-day; he brought the Prelude home after searching for one to become his daily driver/winter beater. Initially, Rob wasn't very fond of Hondas, however, with some influence from his close friends and late nights on YouTube. Rob ended up with his very own Prelude.

On the outside, the first thing you notice is the bright paintwork likened to a sunrise beaming down on fresh snowfall. Danny from Herbert's Autobody laid down the custom metallic shade uniquely named Himalayan White. The only portion of the car that remains uncovered is the Seibon carbon fibre hood so that the weave pattern can shine through the clear coat. Rob has also added a few aerodynamic upgrades to further compliment the looks of his Prelude.

The front bumper has a touch more aggression from a Greddy GRacer front lip, rounding it off are SE side skirts and a rear lip, and finally, a Mugen high mount spoiler meant for an FD2 Civic Type R custom mounted to the trunk lid. Inside, a few simple upgrades such as a DC5 Integra Type R steering wheel and K Tuned billet shift knob help convey driver inputs and carry the theme for the project.

Powering the Prelude is the H22A4, a 2.2-litre inline-four equipped with Honda's famed "VTEC" (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) system. The four-cylinder produces 197hp and 156lb/ft of torque. Rob has added a DC Sports cold air intake to help the Honda big block breathe a little better.

Helping put that power to the ground is a 5-speed manual transaxle equipped with something special. Badged as the "Type-SH" for Super Handling in Canada, this Prelude uses Honda's Active Torque Transfer System. The system incorporates a hydraulic fluid pump, along with a series of sensors that measure wheel speed and g-forces, among other things, to help mitigate torque steer and understeer.

Beneath the bright exterior, the Prelude rides on double wishbone suspension all around with K-Tuned K1 coilovers to improve handling and adjustability. Stopping power consists of four-wheel disc brakes with single-piston calipers. Stoptech cross-drilled and slotted rotors were added to keep temperatures down and vent excess gases/dust during repeated hard braking. The Prelude rolls on a set of 17" Enkei RPF1, chosen for not only their low mass and unique twin-spoke design but also because they are the official wheel for Honda's Formula One team. The Enkeis' are wrapped in Zestino Acrova semi-slick tires for the best all-around summer performance.

Rob's vision is slowly coming to life. His end goal of creating his version of what could have been the Prelude "Type R," with influence from older Spoon and Mugen demo cars. We're excited to see what else Rob has planned to take his Prelude into the next chapter of his story with it.

-Team 604

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