The Electric Revolution

Is it fair to say that many enthusiasts aren't fond of electric cars and the possible future of them becoming transportation for the masses?

Speaking from our perspective, we would venture to say that the automotive enthusiast could become an endangered species soon. We're a passionate bunch, and our street machines are not only our forms of transportation.

But they are also an extension of ourselves. Whether that be an alter ego or a means of freedom from other facets of life. Many of us personalize our rides to pursue more. Whether that be attention, thrills, or performance. Perhaps a combination of the three, which is typically the best base for an exceptional ride.

We look at our street machines to carry an almost human-like quality. They feel emotion like us. They moan and groan and appreciate when you're good to them or become temperamental when not given enough attention.

We feed them the best premium money can buy (or E85 if your machine likes to really put some power down) and make sure they are maintained well by servicing them with what we feel is the highest quality fluids for them. We care for them as if they were our firstborn child (perhaps even better in some cases).

Unfortunately (or fortunately), we don't feel that same sort of attachment could happen with an electric car. Some enthusiasts may argue that EVs can perform better than internal combustion engine-powered vehicles, especially in acceleration and all-out speed with all of that torque available near immediately. But what about the rest of the driving experience?

The feeling of your machine as you're behind the wheel can be an almost surreal experience from our account. The sounds of an engine in harmony along with forced induction or multi-plate clutch discs chattering and a straight cut gearset whining through wide-open throttle could make hairs stand on end.

EVs may have a better consumer impact on the environment than a conventional ICE-powered vehicle, and we're not saying that we're against pollution or protecting the environment. But an electric car just can't accomplish or even accommodate those same feelings.

The EV revolution may be continuing to gain a foothold, but we're going to stand our ground until the last drop of gasoline flows through our street machines' fuel injectors.

-Team 604

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