Tips and Tricks on how not to die: Winter Edition

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Coming at you quick with more Tips and Tricks.  This time it's the winter edition.

Dont forget it's not just winter... it's also #projectlife season until spring comes.

Wash your vehicle and undercarriage.

We know this may be a hard one with the gloomy weather and constant salting/brining of our streets, but that's why we recommend it. Using a car wash that has an undercarriage spray, or getting under there with a good pressure washer will help to remove any dirt and debris from getting excessively built up. It also helps to keep the salt residue from turning your mechanical friend back into its natural elements.

Use an exterior sealant.

Put a coat of wax on after washing your pride and joy thoroughly, it’s a good idea to give it a fresh coat of wax. There are many products out on the shelves that can do the job well. Companies like Mothers and Meguiars come in different forms such as paste waxes or spray-on ones. We suggest using something you're familiar with since there are so many choices. A few coats of wax now can help to avoid a lot of the nasty build up later as the season's weather gets worse, making it much easier to rinse off any dirt and grime that may end up on your ride’s paintwork.


Rain-X is a synthetic polymer that is silicone-based and is primarily used on glass as a surface treatment. It is hydrophobic, essentially meaning that it is designed to repel water. Rain-X works to make rain bead, making visibility better in even the harshest conditions and may even negate the use of wipers (have you ever been on the highway with a Rain-X treated windshield?). It also carries anti-fogging properties that can help to eliminate windows clouding up when there is a sudden change in temperature across the glass. This also has the effect of making your glass less susceptible to frost build-up during the really cold months.

Hot water bag trick.

Using a hot water bag especially early in the morning or late at night will help with fogging and frosting especially if you haven't applied Rain-X yet. The vapour and steam from hot water will warm up the cabin and melt the fog off the windows, making immediate visibility more improved and lowering the amount of time you need to wait for the vehicle to warm up and windows to clear.

Check your tire pressure.

Another disadvantage of the cold is decreased tire pressure. When ambient air temperature drops, so does the pressure in your tires. The reason why is because cold air becomes more dense and requires less area. If left unchecked, it can result in poorer grip and uneven wear. In worst case scenarios it has also induced catastrophic failure due to more stress being placed on the sidewall of the tire. Most vehicles have a tire information label that's placed on the inside of the driver's door edge that provides information such as the original equipment tire size and recommended pressures.

Check your fluids.

We have noticed maintenance may get a bit neglected during this time of the year. Take a moment to check your oil, coolant and washer levels. If your vehicle is able to use multiple

viscosities of oil. It is recommended to use a lower "weight" oil during winter as it helps with cold start-ups and reduces friction. Getting your coolant and washer fluid tested with a hydrometer during a service is a good idea to make sure it is able to perform during freezing levels in your local area as well.

Knock on your hood.

Vehicles that are parked outside, especially overnight, can become a safe haven. Many animals such as rats, mice, squirrels, and even cats will seek shelter in wheel wells and under the hood to keep warm and away from the elements. Take a moment to knock on the hood or fender of your vehicle before starting it up and driving away. It can help save an animal from being injured or worse.

Give yourself extra time.

Finally, with all the holiday rushing to get places like buying gifts and get-togethers, it can end up being a frustrating time on the roads, especially if you're in a crunch for time. Remember to give yourself extra time for traveling in case of traffic, icy conditions or other hazards (such as Santa's sleigh) that may be encountered during the holiday season.

We hope all of these tips help you enjoy the winter season a little bit more and keep you all safe out there.

- Team 604









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