Tips and Tricks: Summer Edition

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Covid-19 has certainly slowed a lot of things down but many of us are figuring out ways to work around the down sides and focus on the positives. The weather is getting better and better and even if we are being socially distant we still like to care for our rides. Perhaps you've seen our Tips and Tricks blurbs before, but if not, welcome! Tips and Tricks is where our team puts together a few little ideas of things to make each season a little easier for you and your mechanical partner! We do hope you can find some of this eye opening and make use of the information provided!

Check your Tires! 

Make sure to check your tires over every season!  They are the only part of your car that should make contact with the road.  Keeping them in optimal condition helps to aid in proper traction and the appropriate stopping distances your vehicle was designed for. Perhaps you've forgotten to swap off your winter tires for your summer tires? Don't laugh, it's more common than you think. Speaking of winter and summer, their own type of air may not be a real thing, however, the air in your tires may have dropped in volume if you last checked them in the winter.  Air pressure tends to change in accordance with temperature and your tires could be potentially under-inflated, causing decreased fuel mileage and more wear on your tires.  Just because it’s Summer, doesn’t mean that you don’t require appropriate tread depth.  When checking your pressure, check for depth!  If your tires are 3/32 on the gauge or at the designed wear bars, you’ll need to look for replacements.  Don’t have a gauge?  Use a nickel with the queen side facing you and upside down.  If you can see the crown, you need new tires. 

PS: If you're looking for replacements, our friends at R/T Tires may be able to help out

Summer Tune-up!

Maybe you've noticed your fuel mileage hasn't been as good as usual or perhaps it's feeling a bit underpowered, or even a funky odour lingers inside the interior of your car.....All of these are a good indication that its time for a tune-up!

Simple things to consider and do are:

Oil Change - make sure to follow manufactures guidelines as not all cars use the same stuff!

Check air filters - both engine and cabin air.  If you take them out and look at the sky and cant see light through them they are overdue.  After the pollen from the spring, it is very common for these to be clogged up.

Coolant - While it only needs to be done once every few years it's often overlooked and forgotten about and is critical in temperature management of your engine components so its never a bad idea to check it over and service if needed.

Ignition system - If you have watched our previous segments on #Projectlife you will have noticed we experienced this situation with two of our Skylines and more recently with one of our Silvias.  Everything from spark plugs to coil packs, to lead wires and caps n rotors can cause little issues and affect fuel mileage.  Both Skylines ran and drove more or less fine but when checking them over we discovered there was quite a bit of heat fatigue on the coil packs and some of the plugs were pretty fouled up as well as the harness having some damage to it from rodents.  Now they are running stronger than ever and the fuel mileage in @Thatskylineguy white R34 coupe has been noticeably better!

Take some time to cool off!

If your vehicle came equipped with air conditioning from the factory and you are noticing that the air is no longer blowing cold you may want to consider recharging the system.  All A/C systems are closed loop like your cooling system so if you are noticing warm air it may be due to the refrigerant evaporating/leaking out.  Having your cooling system looked at and recharged by a certified technician.

Bonus tip: Its a great idea while looking at that be sure to check wear and cracking on the serpentine belt systems as the compressor and often the water pump also is driven by this.   

Give'r a good bath!

Washing and detailing your car can have many surprising benefits!  Spring here in BC saw quite unusual weather from bright sun to snow to heavy rainfall and ooooodles of pollen!  Unfortunately the rainfall doesn’t just rinse off all the surface contaminants such as thick and sticky pollen, or heavy bird poop!  Giving your car a loving wash and following it up with a quick clay bar will help to remove built up dirt and impurities in the clear coat.  Clear coat turns into a hard shiny surface once it is set and cured but being left in long periods of sunlight can soften it up causing that dirt to be absorbed into the clear coat.  Sunlight can also affect the UV coating and cause paint fade and cracking.  Giving your baby a seasonal polish and coat of wax will help to keep your paint shining for many years to come.

Remember its not just the outside either. A lot of the dust and debris gets tracked inside your vehicle as you enter and exit. Taking your floor mats out and giving them a shake not only helps to clean but can also restore the fluffy, plush, and soft feel of them. Its especially worth noting that in this specific time with the current pandemic a lot of things we touch get over looked so taking the time to wipe down and sanitize our vehicles is extra important!

PS - it's a good excuse to meet the excellent staff of CS Mobile Spa or P2P Detailing.

Lastly.... Enjoy the weather!

Summer is all about bright, warm and long days outside, so get out there and enjoy it!  Go out for a rip with your buddies or on a road trip for vacation.  Remember to be courteous to other drivers on the road which includes but is not limited to using your turn signals, keeping your high beams off in the city, and keeping right unless passing on the highways.  Roll the windows down, slide back the sunroof or drop the top if you’re able to and enjoy the fresh air!  We all know Vitamin D helps to elevate everyone's moods and alleviates stress. 

We really hope this list helps you enjoy Summer even more and if you see any of our members out and about. Don’t hesitate to say Hi! From 6 feet of course!

-Team 604

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