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Our magazine is released 4 times a year to represent each season and July is the summer issue!

We all know summer is our favorite time of year to take the cars out for a rip, make them pretty, take some fancy photos and so on.  Longer days makes for more time for adventures with your loved ones. 

Why not share some quality reading material with them too?

Each magazine is individually wrapped and will be shipped to your door to maximize ease of sterilization.  Just give it a quick wipe down to be safe before opening!


Our Vancouver based magazine is packed with loads of original content and local Canadian talents with guest stars like The Silvia Bros.


 Each magazine is packed with stuff like:

  • Team 604 Travelling Around the World
  • Local Shops - Trusted Names in the Business
  • Behind the Scenes on Team Builds
  • Vehicle/Owner Features
  • Vangan
  • A Wicked Centerfold Spread
  • And much, much more!


Your continued support keeps us going strong and helps us keep doing exciting things like featuring local talent!  Thank you for your support and for helping us continue to give back to our amazing community!


2020 Magazine - July Issue

C$20.00 Regular Price
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